discover the country side of amsterdam

Head out into the Dutch countryside on one of Holland’s loveliest bus routes. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself riding along century-old dikes, eating pancakes in tiny villages, or boating past the stately homes of the rich and famous of 17th century Holland. We’ve mapped out a few inspiring tours – but feel free to create your own local experience!

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If you’re coming from Amsterdam city center, walk all the way through the Central station, past track 14/15, into the hallway at the rear side. There you’ll find the Public Transport Ticket shop, at the bottom of the escalator. Buy your ticket and go up the stairs to your left, where you’ll see the red EBS buses.

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Trip tips

The routes below are suggestions for 6, 7 or 8 hour tours. The LocalBus tickets is valid for all three routes and it is possible to create custom combinations of stops yourself.


A 6-hour route that takes you from quaint villages to a former island.

Broek in Waterland looks like a postcard, but it’s real! This picturesque village is just ±20 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. No wonder so many famous rich 17th & 18th century merchants and seafarers built their home there.

Marken was an island in the middle of the Zuyder Zee until 1957. Today it is connected to the mainland by a dike – with its little wooden houses snuggled together on the former island.

Monnickendam is ideal for exploring on your own – with cute cafes, historic sites and nice shops.

Route 2: Heading to Amsterdam Waterland

A 7-hour route to heart of the lowlands – for a true taste of Holland, without the tourist crowds. Including a visit to 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Just outside Amsterdam you’ll find the lovely Graft-De Rijp. Actually, they are 2 small villages joined together as a municipality. In the 17th century, when de Rijp was still connected to the Zuyder Zee, it was famous for hemp (for rope making) fishing and whale hunting.
Middenbeemster is one of the towns that make up the municipality of De Beemster. The area is also part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam – a ring of 42 forts built in the 19th century to protect the city of Amsterdam.
Purmerend is a great combination of modern and traditional Holland.


Route 3: Small town harbours

This 8 hours route leaves from Amsterdam Central Station and heads towards places that used to be important harbors… until the sea was filled in to create new land.

Marken is a village that used to be an island, where houses were built on hills to protect them from the water. You’ll find quaint cafes on the harbor.
Bustling with visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the world-famous port – Volendam may be somewhat touristy, but it’s certainly worth a visit.
Back in 1357, Edam was awarded the right to be a city – and to create a toll-free harbor. That was the beginning of an amazing era of trade, which brought merchants and ship builders to these shores. And turned this small city into one of the region’s most important harbors.



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